Waytek Offers Current Power Distribution For Fire Trucks

Waytek, Inc., a distributor of electrical supplies, now offers custom high current power distribution vehicle electrical centers engineered and manufactured for your specific application.

Single Vehicle Electrical Centers (VEC) and Dual Vehicle Electrical Centers (DVEC) are widely used power distribution modules for DC powered vehicles. Fire Trucks use the VEC/DVEC for distributing main and auxiliary “add-on” power applications. They are also commonly used as engine controllers, transmission controllers, and ABS brake system control modules.

The VEC & DVEC offer a customized high current power distribution center in a compact size. They use patented programmable 3D matrix technologies that can be easily modified to accommodate a wide range of applications. Waytek provides an engineering team to develop a prototype that fits your needs, and gives you a plug and play installation that keeps your labor costs low and tooling costs at zero.

The VEC & DVEC accept standard 2.8mm wide terminals including mini fuses, mini circuit breakers, relays, flashers, diodes and more. They allow you to eliminate external jumpers and splices in wire harnesses that are subject to the harsh environments, and give you a protected centralized unit for power distribution. The VEC can accommodate up to 2 input connectors – 4 bladed inputs or 2 studs – and 4 output connectors. The DVEC can accommodate up to twice this amount.

Waytek’s Customer Service Representatives are available by phone at 800-328-2724 Monday through Friday from 7:30 am until 5:30pm central time.  Orders can also be placed online by visiting www.waytekwire.com.

Waytek, Inc. is a privately held company which offers quality electrical wiring supplies. With over 6,000 products in stock, Waytek’s extensive line includes circuit protection, wire, connectors, relays, switches, cable ties, heat shrink and many more wiring accessories.

Learn more about VEC and DVEC at www.waytekwire.com/VEC.html

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