Wayne Township IN Injured When Ice Hits Fire Apparatus

A Wayne Township (IN) firefighter was injured when a slab of ice flew off another vehicle and slammed into the fire truck.

The large slab of ice knocked the windshield out on the driver’s side.

The firefighter who was driving the truck was injured, but was able to safely bring the fire truck to a stop. The driver of the pickup truck continued driving, officials said.

The firefighter was taken to IU West Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The other firefighters on the truck were not injured.
Capt. Mike Pruitt said investigators were working to get a better description of the light blue pickup truck involved in the incident, but that it’s possible the driver didn’t know ice had flown off the vehicle. Investigators are reviewing cameras onboard the truck for assistance.

The fire truck was not on a run during the incident, Pruitt said.

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