Waukee IA Fire Chief Wants New Apparatus

The Waukee (IA) Fire Chief Clint Robinson is recommending a new engine for the department, priced at $470,000.

Waukee’s changing demographics, from a largely rural community to a sprawling suburb, have changed the needs of its fire department.

The department has budgeted for the new truck in the current fiscal year. The fire department typically replaces trucks every 20 years.

When a truck was purchased in 1993, Waukee was a more rural community. As the population has changed, the nature of a typical safety call also has changed. Firefighters are less likely to have to respond to a rural call than they were 20 years ago.

Emergency call volume has increased over the years. For instance, since last year at this time, the department has responded to 130 more calls.

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