Waterous SMARTPANEL™ Control System

The Waterous SMARTPANEL™ optimizes your settings and eliminates mistakes by automating panel operation. Using its CAN-BUS capability, “dynamic” proportional control and W-black™ patented technology, the SMARTPANEL™ monitors and dynamically controls valves, throttle positions, hose length changes and more, making changes as needed to maintain your pre-selected criteria.

Unlike traditional panel operation, the SMARTPANEL™ doesn’t require you to remain on the side of the truck. Using a wireless touch screen input device, you can interact with the SMARTPANEL™ from numerous locations in and around the apparatus, giving you the best vantage point possible to observe the fire field

Features include:

  • Programmable Operational Presets
  • “Dynamic” Proportional Control
  • 4.3″, 7″ or 10.1 remote interface panels available
  • Redundant Operation Controls (systems with more than one panel)
  • One-Button Operations
  • Plug-and-Play Capabilities with an array of accessories

For more information, visit www.waterousco.com.

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