Waterous Offers Tips To Upgrade Apparatus

Following up on a brochure Waterous published this spring, the company has reissued and updated the publication in an effort to get fire apparatus up to speed when it comes to the new regulations.

“The recommendations published in the brochure will get trucks meeting or exceeding today’s safety and performance standards in no time,” said Steven Toren, western area sales manager for Waterous. “Our products offer both a cost-effective and performance-enhancing solution to the new requirements.”

When first published, the brochure highlighted 14 solutions to the industry’s requirements on fire trucks built prior to the National Fire Protection Association’s Annex D 1901 Standard of Automotive Fire Apparatus.

Covering three upgrade categories, Waterous offers the latest in product technology and equipment to meet performance requirements.

The first upgrade category, ‘safety’ includes four innovative products designed to increase equipment awareness and prevent costly fire truck repairs. Waterous products include the company’s dual shift alarm, overheat protection manager, large diameter, slow-close valves and its intake relief valve.

The final two categories cover compressed air foam system (CAFS) upgrades and environmental and performance upgrades. Some of the CAFS upgrades include the company’s Foam Manager and pump/compressor systems.

Both products help to improve pump versatility and consistency, while Waterous’ environmental and performance upgrades focus on products that are either environmentally friendly or enhance fire apparatus performance capabilities.

Products in this category include an oil-free VPO primer, a non-toxic PrimeSafe, a mechanical seal cooling line conversion kit and its butterfly valve.

The top 14 upgrades, according to Waterous are: installation of dual shift alarm which increases pump status awareness; over heat protection manager to prevent overheating and costly repairs; large diameter, slow-close valves which slows the actuation to meet requirements; intake relief valve ensuring maximum pump performance; Foam Manager installation gives consistent foam performance; and the pump/compressor system enhances pump versatility.

In the era of environmental and performance upgrades, according to Waterous, a VPO oil-free primer delivers rapid priming without oil or lubrication; Waterous’ PrimeSafe primes with non-toxic lubricants; mechanical seal cooling line conversion kits extend the life of mechanical seals; Monarch butterfly valves save pump panel space with behind the panel valve mounting; rotary transfer valve actuator secures smoother transfers; and does add corrosion resistance to your pump; panel plates provide more durability; and electric discharge valve actuators with illuminated position indicators simplify valve openings and closings.

For information call 651-450-5000 or go to www.waterousco.com.

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