Waterous Lightweight Endurance Pumps

The Waterous CSC20 Endurance pump
The Waterous CSC20 Endurance pump

Waterous is expanding its family of fire pumps with the new Endurance line of mid-ship mounted, single-stage, fully-manifolded lightweight fire pumps.

The Endurance has been adjusted to meet the needs of the fire service as well as [Environmental Protection Agency] regulations,” according to Steve Toren, director of sales and marketing. “We removed about 90 pounds of non-critical mass from our CS/CSU pumps to create the Endurance line.”

The line features a new aluminum transmission, the C20, which runs at 12 percent cooler temperatures, uses 35 percent less lubricant and weighs 31 pounds less than the Waterous C10 transmission. The transmission shifts with increased performance due to reduction in non-critical parts and technical upgrades.   

Available in three models to suit the needs of any fire department, the Endurance line features the CSC20, S101 and CSX units.

The CSC20 capacity range is from 750 to 2,250 gpm at 150 psi. The S101 has a Ram Horn-style intake with capacities up to 2,000 gpm at 150 psi, and the CSX has a Ram Horn-style intake with capacities up to 1,500 gpm at 150 psi.

Waterous said Endurance pumps are easy to operate and feature a single impeller.

For information, call 651-450-5000 or go to www.waterousco.com.

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