Waterous Integrated Pump Module

The Waterous Integrated Pump Module is designed to provide maximum performance within a significantly reduced compartment space. The design allows for crosslays that average 60 to 64 inches from ground level. With the optional SMARTPANEL™ and ONE STEP™ CAFSystem, the Integrated Pump Module provides the only third party approved Compressed Air Foam Systems available today with both NFPA compliance and FM Approval.

  • Safety – No intakes or discharges located at the pump operator’s panel
  • Crosslays that average 60″ to 64“ from ground level)
  • Hinged operator’s panel provides easy access for Maintenance and equipment inspection.
  • Available with CM two-stage or CS single-stage Fire Pumps with C20 Chain-drive Transmission
  • Available with Waterous SMARTPANEL™ Control System
  • Performance up to 2000 GPM (7570 l/m)

For more information, visit www.waterousco.com.

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