Waterous Improves Mid-Ship Design

Waterous says it has developed a new midship pump body style – Model CS – which benefits from enhanced engineering in the way the two pump body halves are mated.

The design increases the sealing characteristics with the use of an o-ring, saving repair time over the use of paper gaskets and sealants.

The CS body features two offset stepped halves, one side having an internal step while the other side has an external step. The design is similar to the o-ring type gasket used on some engine valve covers and automobile oil pans.

Waterous, headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., says both halves were previously machine flat and sealed with sealant and paper. The new design allows mechanics to service pumps with greater efficiency and in less time.

For information call 651-450-5000 or go to www.waterousco.com.

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