Waterous Foam Refill System Uses Safer Self-Priming Pump

The new FoamFill foam tank refill system from Waterous.
The new FoamFill foam tank refill system from Waterous.

The new FoamFill foam tank refill system from Waterous allows operators to quickly refill foam tanks while foam systems are in operation.

Working independently from the foam injection system, the company said FoamFill uses a self-priming pump to make resupplying foam tanks safer, more efficient and less labor-intensive.

Featuring a 12 or 24-volt electric motor, Waterous said the pump delivers a minimum flow of 10 gpm and can handle everything from Class A or Class B foam concentrates to emulsifiers, gels and decontamination concentrates. A microprocessor within the system receives input from the tank level sensors and controls the foam concentrate pump output via an 85-amp continuous-duty solenoid mounted to the base of the pump.

When the green “Auto” push button on the operator panel is pressed, the microprocessor begins to receive readings from the tank sensors. While the tank is filling, a yellow LED on the panel will flash. A steady yellow LED on the panel indicates that the tank is full and automatically shuts off the pump, or a timer on the system will shut down the pump motor after six minutes of non-stop operation.

The pump body is constructed of bronze, while other components that come into contact with chemicals are constructed of non-corrosive materials. The system also comes equipped with a bronze three-way valve that allows the operator to easily flush the system after each use.

The Waterous FoamFill foam tank refill system is backed by an exclusive two-year warranty.

For information call 651-450-5000 or go to www.waterousco.com.

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