Waterous Co. Delivers Pumps To South Africa

Four firefighting vehicles with Waterous pumps have been delivered in South Africa, according to the pump manufacturer.

Eskom, the county’s electric utility company, received three firefighting vehicles to support power stations in the cities of Camden, Duvah and Komati. Lanseria International Airport (LIA) received one Airport Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicle.

The apparatus were produced by South African manufacturer Confeco, according to Waterous.

The three units delivered to Eskom each have Waterous HL300 vehicle-mounted pumps and Waterous Round The Pump (RTP) foam proportioners. Designed for international firefighting vehicles, the compact, rear-mounted pump features built-in high-pressure relief valves and provides performance capabilities up to 400 liters per minute at a pressure of 40 bar.

The LIA ARFF vehicle, which was also manufactured by Confeco, was constructed in compliance with the International Civic Aviation Organization (ICAO) and features a Waterous CXVT 1,250-gpm vehicle-mounted pump producing 150 psi (4,750 liters per minute at 10.3 bars).

For more information go to www.waterousco.com.

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