Waterous Announces New Pressure Governor

ST. PAUL, MN—Waterous has launched a new pressure governor. The pressure governor automatically regulates the discharge pressure at the level set by the operator within ±2.5% of full-scale, providing more accurate control.

The pressure governor operates in one of two control modes: PRESSURE or RPM. Both modes provide steady pump discharge pressure by either controlling the engine speed or by holding a selected engine RPM. Moreover, discharge pressure or engine RPM do not vary when switching between modes.

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“In RPM mode, the pressure governor maintains the engine RPM at the level set by the operator, except in the event of a discharge pressure increase,” said Gregg Geske, global director of sales and marketing. “It then limits a discharge pressure increase in RPM mode to a maximum of 30 psi, providing optimal control and safety.”

The pressure governor is available in ruggedized pushbutton or Vernier throttle models. Both are designed to be easily operated with gloved hands.

Additional product features include:

  • Programmable preset, interlocks, units and alarm settings
  • 300-psi or 600-psi discharge pressure sensors
  • Programmable start in either RPM or pressure mode
  • Ambient light detection for automatic adjustment of display intensity for day/night operation
  • Red IDLE button returns engine to idle speed
  • Recognition of no, low, or changing water conditions with automatic engine control response
  • Automatically limits increase of pressure at discharge when in PRESSURE mode
  • NFPA interlock signal LED indicators
  • J1939 CAN bus engine information and control
  • Programable high idle operation
  • Automatic low-hydrant-pressure alarm (<20psi) is armed when connected to a pressurized water source

The pressure governor is compatible with Cummins J1939, Detroit Diesel, Navistar, Cat J1939, Mack J1939, Scania, Ford, generic PGN0, and analog interfaces.

For more information, visit: https://www.waterousco.com/accessories/pressure-governor.html.

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