Waterloo Fire Department (OH) Revamps Emergency Equipment

The Waterloo Fire Department (OH) acquired a new all-terrain vehicle for fighting land wildfires and is currently installing a new storm-warning siren.

Chief Criag Churchheus said the department bought the new ATV, a 2004 Yamaha Grizzly, because land fires are occurring more often in the area.

Churchheus said that ATVs are very helpful to the department for fighting land fires, especially because the department doesn’t have as many young firefighters as it once did. The ATV also enables the team’s 17 firefighters to hook up a cart to the back of the vehicle to carry a firefighter in case he or she should become incapacitated during a land fire, he said.

Until now, the team has used personally owned ATVs to fight land fires. Churchheus said the department purchased the ATV from Waterloo firefighter Thomas Woods for $2,000 with the department’s regular budget money.

Additionally, the department’s new storm-warning siren is currently being installed onto the firehouse.

Churchhues said the Waterloo Twp. Trustees approved and donated the funding to the department for the siren. The installation, which cost around $1,000, involves building a platform on top of the firehouse to mount the siren, Churchhues said.

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