Water Storage Unit to Fight Remote Fires

CINTEC America’s Hexagon Water Dam, a Waterwall Water Storage Unit developed to help fire departments fight remote fires. The inflatable Waterwall dam is provides additional rapid water storage for firefighting appliances where main water supply is unavailable.

The Waterwall dam allows a tanker to empty water into the unit and leave location to refill. Meanwhile the fire appliance can instead draw water from the Hexagon storage unit, enabling a more timely and efficient fire response.

CINTEC’s Waterwall dam comes flat packed in its own valise and can be quickly inflated using readily available air pumps or compressed air supply. As soon as the dam is inflated, the device is ready to receive water. The unit is designed to withstand uneven ground and gentle slopes, making it an especially viable option for remote and rural fire response locations.

The light-weight, compact unit measures 3’3” x 14’3” x 12’3” when inflated, but can be adjusted in size and capacity to suit client needs and requirements.

The unit shown weighs 127 lbs when empty, and can hold 2745 US Gallons.

For more information, visit www.cintec.net.

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