Washington D.C. Fire Apparatus Targeted with Rocks

Two windows in the cab of a D.C. fire department ladder truck were shattered Monday night when someone threw or shot a projectile at the vehicle in the downtown area.

No one was hurt and there were no arrests, but the apparent attack comes at a time the city is using firefighters in an anti-crime initiative.

Truck 3 was either returning from or responding to a call — it’s unclear — when firefighters thought someone shot out two of the windows in the rear of the cab.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, the investigation was leading police to think the projectile was not a bullet, but a rock.

Just after noon Tuesday, firefighters manning the truck drove it to the fleet maintenance facility in Southwest D.C. where they hoped to have the windows replaced.

The apparent assault comes as firefighters assigned to Engine 10 and Truck 13 in Northeast D.C. have been ordered to take part in an anti-crime initiative in the Trinidad section of the city.

“I think it’s dangerous for everyone,” said FOP Chairman Kristopher Baumann. “It’s dangerous for the firefighters and it’s dangerous for residents. The reason it’s dangerous for residents, have we reached a point where we don’t have enough police officers to effectively protect the city?”

Ed Smith with the firefighters union called it a knee-jerk reaction to “what is a serious problem that is clearly a police matter and not a fire department problem.”

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