Washington City (UT) Approves Emergency Purchase of $620,000 Fire Engine

Firefighters in Washington City, UT, were able to convince the city council they need a new fire truck immediately and got $620,000 to buy a demonstrator, according to a report published by St. George News.

Firefighters and officers told the councilors that two of the department’s four engines had severe mechanical problems and one was deemed irreparable and taken out of service, according to the published report.

The department’s 1995 Becker engine developed some sort of braking and shifting issues that where thought to be electrical in nature and several experts were unable to fix the issue even after more than $10,000 had been spent on the apparatus, St. George News reported.

Convinced of the immediate need, councilors voted unanimous to approve the emergency purchase, according to the report. Fire officers said they have been in contact with Pierce to purchase a demonstrator engine which will reduce the delivery time which can be a year, according to the publication.

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