Warner (OK) Fire Department Works to Get New Fire Apparatus

The Warner Fire Department is trying to acquire new equipment funded through national grants.
Getting a replacement for the fire truck could cost about $80,000, but firefighters say it is worth it. The 30-year-old truck they have now only has max speeds around 55 miles per hour. The tools are outdated and firefighters said they don’t feel entirely prepared.
“It’s a big help when you actually know you have the equipment that can get there and you know what you have on it,” said Deputy Fire Chief Steve Marshall.
The 1985 truck has lasted twice its average lifespan, but now Marshall said it doesn’t meet their needs.
With one new truck, they’ll have more storage space to carry the Jaws of Life and they won’t have to take out a second vehicle to carry the water.
Marshall said manpower means everything. Warner operates with volunteers and he would much rather send out two people with new technology than four people using inefficient gear.
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