Wakari Volunteer Rural Fire Authority Takes Delivery of Fire Apparatus


The Wakari Volunteer Rural Fire Authority was handed the keys to its brand-new Isuzu 4WD medium appliance at a ceremony.

Built to order and designed to fight vegetation fires, the appliance’s high ground clearance, good traction and smaller size would make it a valuable asset for all of Dunedin’s emergency services, principal rural fire officer Stephanie Rotarangi said.

The station already had a larger tanker appliance, while the city’s urban fire appliances lacked the 4WD ability and the high ground clearance of the new truck, she said.

That meant the new appliance could go places other emergency services vehicles could not, and it would be used by all emergency services when needed.

”It’s certainly the missing piece of equipment for this fire force and we’re really happy to have it on the road,” Dr Rotarangi said.

Wakari Volunteer Rural Fire Authority fire force controller Kevin Marsh said the purpose-built truck, which was delivered ”straight off the factory floor” to the station, would make life much easier for the firefighters.

”It’s actually fantastic knowing you’ve got a purpose-built truck, fit for purpose. Everything you need, it’s all there. Everything you want,” he said.

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