W Tool Is Described As Non-Destructive

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The Weddle W Tool

W Tool Is Described As Non-Destructive
The Weddle Tool Company has developed a non-destructive forcible entry tool called the W Tool, a combination ram and spreader.
The company said the product was developed by firefighters for firefighters, allowing them to gain entry through 90 percent of doors while doing little to no damage.

The W Tool is a manually operated hydraulic tool weighing 25 pounds and designed for multiple types of public safety operations. The tool incorporates a 6,000-pound hydraulic power head attached to a telescopic main body constructed of an outer 2-inch square steel tube and an inner 1 1/2-inch square steel tube. It is 27 inches long and can adjust to 39 inches, with 3-by-5-inch top and bottom steel plates.

The top plate is designed to receive multiple heads, allowing the tool to perform multiple rescue tasks, while the bottom plate is equipped with two steel purchase points to allow for use as a rescue strut.

The tool is also equipped with an integrated LED light, which allows for hands free illumination. A custom carrying strap is provided. 

The basic tool is available in red, blue or black. A variety of adapters and accessories are offered.

For information, call 877-799-8665 or e-mail sales@weddletoolco.com or go to www.weddletoolco.com.

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