VT SVC Introduces Two Hackney Rescue Bodies

VT Specialized Vehicles Corporation (VT SVC) has introduced two new Hackney rescue vehicle bodies.

The bodies, unveiled at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in April, offer changes in manufacturing, tooling and assembly set-up, according to the company.

The new Commander Series body features a rear integral staircase to access large storage compartments on the roof. The stairs provide OSHA-compliant ascent and descent angles and have evenly-spaced risers from ground level to the roof platform surface. The first two steps fold out of the rear of the body, dropping down to provide proper step levels.

Paramount to the design criteria, according to the company, was a conventional style with maximum storage capacity.

The Quick Attack Vehicle (QAV), a 10-foot all-aluminum body mounted on a Ford F550, was engineered using parametric modeling software to maximize storage and minimize weight without sacrificing durability.

The body is 3/16-inch 5052-H32 aluminum in modular sections, bolted together with stainless steel bolts. It provides adaptability for an open or closed rear compartment allowing installation of a fire pump skid unit with a 300-gallon water tank.

“We are excited about the potential for increased rescue truck sales during FY2010 especially with the introduction of the Commander and the QAV,” said Ed Smith, the Hackney division’s director of sales and marketing.

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