Volunteers to Complete Restoration of WWII Fire Truck

Volunteers from the Millville Army Air Field Museum plan to complete the restoration of a fire truck used during WWII.

“After the war it was passed on to local fire companies,” Richard Goldstine, Volunteer in the Maintenance Department at Millville Army Air Field Museum. “We presume that they had it for 20 to 30 years. When the civilian fire companies were done with it, it was brought out here, and put in the hanger. It was in storage there for approximately 15 years up until about 2010 when the Vo. Tech. took on the process of restoring it back to what it was.”

Students in Cumberland County Technology Educational Center’s auto body program revamped it in just three years. Since the program no longer exists, the truck is back at the Millville Army Air Field Museum so the veterans can complete the restoration.

“We’re definitely looking for donations to help us preserve this fire truck because it actually served here during the war and that’s special to us,” said Lisa Jester, Executive Director at Millville Army Air Field Museum.

The fire truck isn’t the only vehicle the veterans have restored. It took them three years to restore an Army truck. Once the fire truck is restored it’ll go right next to a fire extinguisher.

Watch the video report here snjtoday.com




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