Vista CA Debuts New Fire Truck

Vista (CA) fire officials are thrilled with the flexibility and efficiency of their new $1.1 million fire truck which was put into service in August.

The truck stands out against other aerial apparatus in the region because of its short wheelbase. The shorter wheelbase eliminates the need for a second driver in the back while giving the truck the ability to maneuver through the foothills of Vista, officials said.

It is equipped to respond to a multitude of situations such as traffic collisions, fires, medical aids, technical rescues and brush fires.

The truck was built by Ohio-based Sutphen Corp. The design cut the overall weight of the truck and allowed other equipment to be installed on the apparatus, including a platform on the end of the 100-foot hydraulic ladder.

At fires, the truck is used to cut holes in the roof of a structure to clear smoke, while its 10-story-high ladder pumps up to 2,000 gallons of water per minute onto a burning building.

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