Vintage Bellevue (WA) Fire Apparatus Found Near Canadian Border


A piece of Bellevue history is coming home. One of the Bellevue Fire department’s first fire trucks — Number 4 — was discovered hundreds of miles away, minutes from the Canadian border.

The truck nicknamed “Miss Belle” has been sitting on the Gilbert’s property for more than 10 years near Blaine.

The couple was hoping to restore the vintage pumper truck after buying it from a friend, but that was too expensive.

Through a chain of events, the Bellevue Fire Department found out the rig still existed, bought it from the Gilbert’s. Firefighters recently towed it back home to Bellevue and are hoping to raise money to restore Miss Belle to her original beauty.

“The fact that all the pieces are here that’s amazing. Just amazing. There would’ve been a lot of people who looked at it, weeds growing around it and said it’s too far gone, scrape it out. But that’s not firemen,” said Lt. Richard Burke with the Bellevue Fire Department.

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