Video: Pierce Impel 1,500/1,000 Pumper Walk-Around

Because of the harsh weather conditions in Farmington, Minnesota, Farmington Fire Rescue added the cold climate package to its 1,000-gallon Pierce Impel PUC Pumper. The pump panel has an aluminum heat enclosure, electric gauge heater, pump and plumbing compartment heater, and rubber boots around the plumbing.  The rear of the apparatus features a lowered hosebed with hatch compartments along the sides in addition to storage for ladders, pike poles, 6” hard suction, and traffic cones. 

Dealership: MacQueen Emergency Group


  • Chassis: Impel 
  • Seating Capacity: 6 
  • Overall Height: 10’ 4” 
  • Overall Length: 33’ 5.5” 
  • GVW Rating: 53,800 lb 
  • Front/rear axle: TAK-4 Independent Front Suspension, 22,800 lb – Meritor RS30-185, 31,000 lb 
  • Engine: Cummins L9, 450 hp  


  • Pump: Pierce PUC, 1,500 gpm 
  • Tank: 1,000 gallon 
  • Foam Cell: 30 gallon 
  • Doors: Gortite roll-up

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