Video: Peachland (BC) Fire and Rescue Service E-ONE Rescue-Pumper

The Peachland Fire and Rescue Service wanted a fire truck with a short wheelbase, lots of water capacity and a really good cramp angle. They got that and more in their E-ONE Rear Mount Custom Rescue Pumper. “We’re not a big department but we felt like we were treated like the bigger cities that buy three or four trucks at a time,” said Chief Dennis Craig. Learn more in this episode of Truck Talk

Truck Type: Custom Pumper
Dealer: Associated Fire
Dealer Phone: (888) 320-3303
Email Address:
Shop Order: 141502

Body: Extruded Aluminum
Chassis: Typhoon X long cab with 67.5″ CA
Engine: Cummins L9 450HP
Tank: 770 Gallon Water Tank with 30 gallon cell for Class A foam
Pump: Hale RSD/RGA 6000 LPM single stage pump
Axle: Single

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