Video: Asheville (NC) Tiller Maneuvering

Ladder 1 was purchased for $1.2 million back in 2019. and runs out of the downtown station.
City of Asheville/YouTube

The City of Asheville (NC) recently shared a video and release about the fire department’s tiller truck.

According to the release, Ladder 1 was purchased for $1.2 million back in 2019. It runs out of the downtown station and responds to more than 2,800 calls per year. The ladder extends to 103 feet. 

Designed with increased maneuverability with shorter wheelbases and impressive turning radius, this type of ladder truck allows Asheville firefighters to more safely maneuver through the narrow streets and challenging terrain of the city’s downtown.

Extensive training has been delivered to several engineers across three shifts who are responsible for operating this fire truck. Training includes driving through the company’s first responding area in non-emergency situations to be better prepared and to discover any challenging situations they could encounter prior to an emergency. This type of truck accommodates a greater number of ground ladders with more variety than a typical ladder truck, providing firefighters greater ability to reach more windows and roofs where the aerial ladder cannot. It also has larger storage compartments, allowing the truck  to carry more rescue equipment.

Asheville Fire Department’s first motorized tractor drawn aerial

The department purchased its first motorized tractor drawn aerial truck in 1923. Built by American LaFrance, it’s purchase price was $16,100.  


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