Vestal NY Residents to Vote on $800,000 Fire Apparatus

Vestal (NY) residents will vote to decide whether the town fire department should spend up to $800,000 to buy a new heavy rescue truck.

Assistant Fire Chief Douglas Rose said the truck would replace a similar model purchased in the late 1980s.

Rose described the rescue trucks as “the big toolbox that carries everything we can’t fit on the tanker and holds 10 people,” adding the volunteer fire department currently has two such vehicles, including the one that would be replaced and sold.

Serving a population of about 28,000, as well as Binghamton University’s campus, the fire department has 13 large firefighting vehicles, including the two rescue trucks and various engines and tankers. At least 10 additional smaller vehicles, such as those driven by fire chiefs, round out the fleet.

Supervisor John Schaffer supported the request to buy a new rescue truck, which he said could cost less than $800,000, depending on the public bidding process and undetermined revenue from selling the old truck. He added the growing demands for fire protection warrant maintaining the fleet.

“The way that BU’s expanding and all the other growth around town, we’re going to need the most up-to-date fire equipment we can get,” he said.

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