Velcro Develops New Breathable Fabric

Velcro’s latest invention is a moisture-wicking, breathable fabric called EVAPTEX. The company says it keeps skin dry and protects against bacteria and odor. Air circulates through the material, keeping the fabric temperature-neutral.

“We set out to create a new type of fabric that virtually disappears from sensory perception when worn,” said Daryl Pfaff, senior marketing manager and leader of the team that invented the product. “In essence, you’re wearing a fabric that feels like it isn’t there.”

Features include anti-microbial properties from the material’s silver ion technology, machine washability, and a soft surface that feels comfortable next to the skin. The fabric can be incorporated into medical devices and is ideally suited for turnout gear and fire protection suits, Pfaff said.

The fabric is offered with two color options in rolls 54 inches wide, with custom slitting available. Compatible hooks include ULTRA-MATE Hooks 822, 845 and 847 and VELCRO Hooks 65 and 88.

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