Utica Fire Apparatus is Restored


A Utica fire department antique fire truck has now been restored.

The 1949 fire truck spent forty years serving the city. In 2001, facing the gloom of the scrap heap, the local business club Engine 11 saved the truck and began restoring it.

“You look at what you can remember, what you can see,” said Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri, “It’s great because it’s here for the moment, but it lets us remember where we’re going to be going in the future and we are never short of having people come together and making memorable moments happen and this happens to be one of those moments.”

The truck cost over 45,000 dollars in donations to restore. It will be used in parades and at schools to help educate kids on fire safety.

For more information, view www.cnyhomepage.com

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