Upsala (NJ) Purchases New Fire Apparatus

Upsala’s Fire Department continues to make improvements. A purchase agreement has been signed for the new fire truck requiring a $30,000 down payment. The Council will determine the best path to take to pay the remaining $125,000 for the truck. The rescue vehicle will be ready by the end of June.

The new firefighters are now state certified and are ready to join the team as their seniors retire from their positions.

Training continues on the department’s new jaws of life rescue equipment. They are excited to reveal the lifesaving machine to the public during Upsala’s Heritage Days in August.

“It really is a fine machine. It took a windshield out in 45 seconds and it didn’t get glass everywhere. It came out all in one piece,” said Council Member Brian Lange, who is also a volunteer firefighter.

The Council approved the raffle permit for the Upsala Fire Relief Association that will be held Aug. 8, at the Upsala Rec Building.

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