Upgrade Kits Available For Scott Health & Safety SCBAs

Scott Health & Safety has come out with an Air-Pak SCBA upgrade kit for fire departments using older model SCBAs.

The kit is designed to help departments get in line with the 2007 edition of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1981 SCBA standard. It is applicable to any 1997 or 2002 compliant Air-Pak SCBA.

Scott said the kit is the most economical and efficient way for a fire department to upgrade its SCBA inventory to the new standard.

“We developed these kits in order to assist fire departments that want to use equipment that is approved to the latest NFPA standard,” said Tom Korb, Scott Health & Safety’s North America fire service marketing manager.

The kits, according to Korb, will be introduced in phases for each model Air-Pak SCBA over the next few months, starting with the NFPA 1981, 2002 compliant Air-Pak 2.2/3.0/4.5/Fifty SCBAs in October. Those will be followed by the NFPA 1981, 1997 compliant Air-Pak 2.2/3.0/4.5/Fifty SCBAs in November. An upgrade kit for the NFPA 1981, 2002 compliant Air-Pak NxG2 SCBA model will be available next spring.

As part of the upgrade, Scott said its customers can choose to add the Pak-Alert PASS device or the Pak-Tracker firefighter locator as an option, although not required by NFPA standards.

Upgrade kits must be installed by a Scott Authorized Service Center, the company said.

For more information go to www.scotthealthsafety.com

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