Updated MSA Gas Detection for Clandestine Drug Labs Bulletin Now Available

Pittsburgh, Pa., September 2011 – MSA Gas Detection for Clandestine Drug Labs has been updated with new MSA product information and images.

Click HERE to review the MSA Gas Detection for Clandestine Drug Labs, Bulletin #0800-30
The number of clandestine drug labs has increased dramatically in recent years, chiefly due to the popularity of methamphetamine, a particularly potent and highly addictive chemical stimulant.
MSA’s Sirius® Multigas Detector with PID (Photoionization detector) is an excellent choice for workers at clan lab sites. MSA’s ALTAIR® 5X Multigas Detector uses specific electrochemical sensors to detect other clan lab contaminants such as ammonia and phosphine in addition to detection of combustible and various toxic gases, and oxygen deficiency.
Proper gas detection instruments are essential tools for clan lab site work, offering the ideal combination of ease of use, response speed, sensitivity, and versatility so vital to providing maximum benefit and safety to workers and their communities. 

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