Union ME Sues Repair Shop After Fire Apparatus Consumed by Fire

The town of Union (ME) is suing a local auto repair shop, claiming negligence led to one of the fire trucks being destroyed by fire earlier this year.

The town’s 1989 Freightliner tanker had its engine overhauled and other repairs done at Stone’s Auto/Truck Service LLC of Appleton. Owner David Stone said the work would extend the life of the truck by 10 years, according to the lawsuit.

The truck was placed back into service Nov. 18, 2011, after the repairs were made. On Dec. 28, while responding to a fire call in neighboring Washington, an abnormal sound was heard from the truck’s engine, according to the suit. The truck was taken back to the station. Stone inspected the truck the following day but could not determine the problem, the suit states.

The town claims in its lawsuit that Stone called the fire department on Jan. 16 and asked that the truck be brought over to the garage so that he could check out the vehicle.

On the way to the garage on Jan. 16, Assistant Fire Chief Kevin Soule heard a very loud noise from the engine. He immediately pulled over the vehicle over to the side of the road and got out of the truck.

The vehicle’s engine caught fire, and the entire truck was soon engulfed in flames. The truck was a total loss. No dollar figure is included in the lawsuit in terms of money being sought.

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