Union Beach NJ Receives Fire Apparatus Donation

The Union Beach Fire Department (NJ), which was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, received continued assistance in the form of a Saulsbury 1,000-gallons-per-minute, rescue-pumper fire truck.

Jim Lepore, president and owner of Defender Emergency Products, explained that after reaching out to Seaside and Sea Bright fire officials, he was notified Union Beach was in need of such a vehicle. Defender Emergency Products is the American LaFrance dealer in northern and central New Jersey. American LaFrance is a fire-and-rescue vehicle manufacturer.

Lepore met with a few of the borough’s fire officials and brought them to Ephrata (PA) where the truck was stored, and decided what repairs or renovations needed to be made to the vehicle to suit the company’s needs.

Mike Murray, president of Union Beach Fire Company, said the donation will help out “extremely.”

“The apparatus we lost from the flood … the saltwater and the electronics don’t really do well,” said Murray. “We’re not a district-oriented fire department. We’re strictly donation-based. We don’t have the extra means to buy new and replace vehicles. We would never have the means to do this on our own.”

Murray explained the borough has received many donations following the superstorm, and the department has kept on working.

“We were asked to take a break after the storm and our guys were resilient,” said Murray. “We didn’t deny any help but we always had our guys responding to all calls. We wouldn’t quit. We never will.”

For more information, view www.app.com

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