TX Fire Department Needs Help

The Pearland (TX) Volunteer Fire Department is in need of donations to cover the cost of equipment, training for firefighters and operating their department according to a report from Your Houston News.

The report indicates that the department holds a donation drive each year to raise funds to support the needs of the department. In the past funds generated from this drive have purchased two brush trucks, extrication equipment, a pump-drafting pit and a tower used for firefighter training.

Purchasing more training equipment will allow firefighters to train while staying in town so they are available to respond to local calls.

In the report the following note was added:

During the donation drive, donation cards are sent to residents in the city utility bills. However due to a printing error, the cards incorrectly noted the donation was for the 2010 drive. A corrected donation card is available on their website at www.pearlandfire.org

The department currently has 48 volunteer firefighters but is looking for new volunteers to join the department.

Read more about the needs of the Pearland Volunteer Fire Department and how you can help HERE.


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