Two United States Nuclear Plants Invest in Draft Commander 4000® A/T Units

SALINA, KS—Weis Fire & Safety Equipment Company, Inc. recently begAn working with the United State nuclear energy sites in Tennessee and Arizona with its Draft Commander 3000® A/T Mobile Fire Pump Testing & Training unit. In August, a Draft Commander 4000 unit was delivered to Tennessee and a second Draft Commander 4000 unit will be delivered in September to Arizona. These machines will be used to test and maintain pumps at each site to ensure that they are working properly in case of the unlikely event that an emergency situation should arise.

Several sizes of pumps and equipment are stored at each site, which includes numerous backup water pumps, generators, emergency lighting, electrical cables, and hoses that need to be in working order to be moved within 24 hours to any United States nuclear plant using air or ground transport in the event of an emergency. This equipment is used to maintain power and cooling in the unlikely event of an emergency, such as the unfortunate Fukushima Daiichi disaster in March 2011.

By using the Draft Commander 4000® A/T, the United States nuclear plants can ensure that their water pumps are being tested accurately and safely. The Draft Commander is an environmentally friendly testing and training unit that allows users to perform a true pump test from draft, using clean clear water, per NFPA 1911 (2012 ed.). The Draft Commander also saves millions of gallons of water by recycling water back through the unit.

Gary Weis, Draft Commander Inventor and Consultant, states that working with the U.S. nuclear industry could prove to be very good for the company.  Having this opportunity opens the door to a new industry and use for the Draft Commander 3000® A/T Mobile Fire Pump Testing & Training unit.

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