Two Firefighters Injured in Mount Calm (TX) Fire Apparatus Accident

A fire chief is thankful after crews from a different town came to his department’s rescue following an accident that left two firefighters injured. One man’s knee was crushed on impact, while the other only had minor injuries. Both are now recovering.

Mount Calm firefighters were rushing to assist with a brush fire in Hubbard Saturday afternoon, when in an instant, they went from answering a call to being the ones calling for help. One of their fire trucks slammed into the back of their tanker, spilling hundreds of gallons of water.

The Mount Calm Fire Chief says it was a scary situation.

“When I saw the two guys when I came out of the truck, like I said, I had such an adrenaline flow,” says Milton Stuckly. “When I saw the whole front of the truck and the cab like that, I immediately thought we had at least one dead fireman.”

 Several Hubbard crews rushed from the brush fire to free the two firefighters trapped inside their truck.

Chief Stuckly says he’s grateful for the other departments help.

“It’s nice to know down here where we live in the south end of Hill County that you got Hubbard and Penelope that were there when we needed them,” says Stuckly. “It’s nice to know that you got them and we thank God that we’ve got them.”

The two firefighters were airlifted to the hospital, but were released later that evening.

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