Tuscumbia (AL) Retiring Two Fire Apparatus

A 48-year-old and a 65-foot ladder truck of equal age, have been declared surplus property.

Both are 1967 models. Repairing them would not be worth the cost, especially considering their age, Fire Chief David Cole said.

Earlier this month, the chief asked the City Council to declare the engines as surplus with hopes of finding a buyer.

Mayor Bill Shoemaker said that was the only realistic option.

The trucks are sitting on a lot across the street from the fire department on Dickson Street. There is no cover available, leaving them open to the elements.

The white truck has been a staple at events such as parades, but Cole said even that is asking too much of the vehicle these days.

“You can’t even drive it in a parade because it runs hot,” the chief said. “The two trucks are sitting there on that lot, and they’re just going to sit there and rust.”

Cole requested the engines be declared surplus a year ago, but the council held off on doing that in order to have time to seek a place where they could be stored without further deterioration.

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