TurboDraft™ Fire Eductors for Emergency De-watering Operations

TurboDraft Fire Eductors for Emergency De-watering Operations

Schutte & Koerting’s 2-½” TurboDraft Fire Eductor (Model TD-25) is designed to assist rural and wildland firefighters in accessing static water sources outside the reach of traditional drafting techniques.

The 2-½” TurboDraft Fire Eductor is a valuable piece of equipment for emergency dewatering operations during flood emergencies. The unit is easy to deploy in emergency flood situations such as de-watering basements, truck docks, below grade vaults and tanks as well as marine vessels.
The unit’s lightweight and compact size combined with the ability to outfit the eductor with a variety of strainer configurations makes the 2-½” TurboDraft Fire Eductor a versatile emergency service tool. 

The unit requires a standard 1-½” coupled hose line delivering approximately 70 gpm @ 150 psi, this flow rate creates the venturi effect educting over three times this volume as the usable fire flow or dewatering amount. Fitted with the standard barrel strainer, the unit weighs 22 lbs.

About Schutte & Koerting

Schutte & Koerting has been a leading designer and manufacturer of equipment for the process and power industries since 1876. The company specializes in the production of vacuum systems, scrubber systems, water jet eductors, steam injection heaters, ejectors, and flow measuring equipment serving a variety of industries.

For more information, go to www.turbodraft.net

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