TSI Develops Respirator Fit Testers

TSI PortaCount Pro
TSI PortaCount Pro

TSI Incorporated has developed two new respirator fit testers, the PortaCount Pro and Pro+.

These new respirator fit testers offer fast, simple, easy-to-use, stand-alone operation, the company said, and are OSHA-compliant for all respirators.

No other respirator fit tester, according to TSI, can quantitatively fit test all types of respirators-gas masks, SCBAs, respirators, even N95 disposable (filtering-facepiece) respirators.

The PortaCount Pro and Pro+ fit testers eliminate the guesswork associated with tedious and error-prone qualitative fit test methods, the company said. A true fit test involves measuring the mask fit under conditions that approximate actual use. The PortaCount Pro fit testers measure fit while the user simultaneously performs a series of moving, breathing and talking exercises designed to simulate the same movements made in the field.

Both units are quick to set up and easy to operate because they do not require an external computer, the company said. The color touch screen allows the user to control the test with a touch of a finger, pen or stylus.

The FitPro software program leads the user through the fit test protocol step by step. Fit test results are stored in a database for easy report generation, retrieval and regulatory compliance.

For information go to tsi.com.

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