Transportation Patient Lift System


TPL Crawford designed, engineered, and tested the Transport Patient Lift (TPL) to assist the EMT while loading a patient into an ambulance. TPL Crawford’s lift systems are specifically designed to eliminate almost all lifting and twisting maneuvers that are commonly associated with low back injuries. With the simple push of a button, EMTs can quickly and safely load a patient into the back of an ambulance without the extra low back strain. Additionally, the lift system is completely compatible with most cots currently being used for ambulances. The TPL features a four-point locking system tested at 16 Gs.

The TPL:

  1. Eliminates strainwhen loading and unloading patients.
  2. Reduces work injury claims.
  3. Works on most cots.
  4. Is cost-effetive.
  5. Is easy to clean and sterilize.
  6. Provides added rollover protection.
  7. Offers a one-year limted warranty.
  8. Installs easily.
  9. Allows loading and unloading in about one minute.
  10. Works in adverse conditions.

For more information onn the TPL, visit

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