Toyne to Showcase Customizable Fire Apparatus Bodies at FDIC International 2015

Toyne Cumru Township Fire Department Rescue-Pumper

BREDA, IA—Toyne is preparing to showcase its latest customizable truck bodies to an expected 32,000+ attendees at FDIC International 2015.

Toyne will debut the latest addition to its line of emergency vehicles, the Priority Response Vehicle (PRV). This Toyne Tailored Apparatus is designed to use every square inch of available space without sacrificing power.

“We are excited to introduce the streamlined profile of our PRV at this year’s show,” said Bill Bird, product support coordinator at Toyne. “There is no shortage of storage in this vehicle body that features custom compartments to house all the gear needed, including ladders and pike poles. Add to that a high-flow pump, rollup doors to protect the pump panels and connections and an innovative, ergonomically designed pump panel, and you have a vehicle ready to take on any scene.”  

This compact, agile and responsive PRV is built on a Spartan Metro X MFD chassis that houses a Cummins ISL 450 engine. Features include a Hale Q-Max 2000 pump, rated at 2,000 gallons per minute, a 1600 Class A FoamPro system, and side-mounted pump controls.

In addition to the PRV unit, the Cumru Township Fire Department, headquartered in Mohnton, Pennsylvania, has volunteered to share its new 2015 Toyne side-mount rescue-pumper with convention attendees before they place it in service at the department. The department worked closely with Toyne to customize this apparatus to include the features it needs in a rescue apparatus with those it needs in a pumper.

The Cumru Township Fire Department was formed in 2010, when three volunteer departments consolidated. The new department has incorporated the best practices from each of these to build its current standards. With 43 firefighters, five of which are township employees and the remainder volunteers, the new department serves 21 square miles. The new Toyne rescue-pumper will replace two vehicles: a rescue apparatus that is being eliminated and a pumper being placed in reserve.  

This custom apparatus is built on a Spartan Metro Star chassis with a Cummins ISL 450 engine, a bolted stainless steel body, a Hale Q-Max 1500 pump and a Harrison 10-kW hydraulic generator. With eight adjustable shelves, five roll-out trays, one vertical roll-out tool board and three tip-down roll-out trays, the Cumru department will have no trouble packing in all the gear it needs for when a call comes in. The department was also able to place the pump in an enclosed compartment with roll-up doors, add customized Little Giant® ladder storage, airbag storage, portable winches for all four sides of the vehicle, electric reels in one of the coffin compartments, and a hopper for absorbent storage in the other.

When the Cumru Township department began researching this vehicle, it said that size was a real concern. “When combining two functions into one apparatus, the vehicle tends to grow,” explains Scott Brady, chief of the Cumru Township Fire Department. “We are located in a rural area with a lot of country roads, and we needed the ability to maneuver easily in those areas. We were pleased to see that Toyne could fit all of our needs into a size that would allow us that flexibility.”

But, it wasn’t only the customization that brought Cumru to Toyne. For that team, it went beyond the product to the service and support that Toyne brought to the table.

“They made the whole process easy,” says Jeremy Brubaker, a Cumru career firefighter who sits on the apparatus committee. “It took us about a day and a half to go over the specs for this new vehicle, and they accommodated a team member who couldn’t be present by inviting him into the conversation through Skype™. They took all of the ideas we had for this truck and told us whether or not they could do it, then gave us ideas for options. It was clear they knew what they were talking about.”

In addition to the Toyne PRV and Cumru rescue-pumper, Toyne will also be showcasing a Pumper Tanker from the Cannon Township Fire Department, Rockford, Michigan. The Toyne Tailored pumper-tanker features a Freightliner SD114 two-door chassis, 3,000-gallon UPF tank, Hale Q-Max 1750-gpm side-mount pump, and five discharge locations.

During FDIC International 2015, attendees can see the Toyne PRV demo and the Cumru Township rescue-pumper at Toyne booth 3801, while the Cannon Township Pumper Tanker will be on display in Freightliner booth 4721.

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