Toyne™ Introduces New Fire Apparatus: the Priority Response Vehicle™

BREDA, IA—Designed for the specific needs of each fire department, the Toyne Priority Response Vehicle (PRV™) has been engineered to handle the work of multiple apparatus. Knowing that the pump panel is an integral part of a fire apparatus, Toyne has developed the PRV to use an enclosed slide-out-and-down pump panel, which takes up less space, allowing departments to choose their pump panel location and choose from multiple body configurations. 

Since the enclosed pump panel can be placed at the rear, driver, officer, or even inside the cab of the apparatus, fire departments can keep the controls close at hand while Toyne Tailored storage options maximize every square inch of space. Toyne’s PRV not only provides ample storage and the pump maintenance access, it can maneuver into even the most remote locations with ease.

Because of its compact size and shorter wheelbase, the PRV boasts a tight turning radius and cramp angle. “We’ve designed the PRV to be the first apparatus out the door and first on the scene,” says Toyne product support coordinator, Bill Bird. “Whether you are responding to a fire or rescue call, our Priority Response Vehicle is equipped to carry the tools you need for any situation.”

Toyne debuted its latest emergency vehicle at FDIC 2015. “FDIC proved to be a great opportunity to gather firefighter feedback.” Bird goes on to say, “We received an overwhelming response to the PRV as well as the enclosed slide-out-and-down pump panel and the benefits it brings to every call.”

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