Town of Eustis (ME) Receives $35k Toward Rosenbauer Pumper

Franklin County (ME) commissioners recently voted to give the town of Eustis $35,437.50 from tax-increment financing (TIF) funds toward a 2006 Rosenbauer America 4-by-4 rescue pumper, reports

They also voted to hire five new employees, deputies, and dispatchers, and approved using $175,000 from undesignated funds to offset the tax assessment for 2021-22. Commissioners voted in August 2020 to pay 30% from TIF funds for Eustis apparatus.

The department covers unorganized territory from Wyman Township to Coburn Gore and some in Somerset County. It also handles calls to the wind energy project on Kibby Ridge in Kibby and Skinner townships.

The truck has a custom chassis and compressed air foam system, and it cost $118,125. A full-time position is being offered to Othniel Kroger of Peru, and a part-time position is being offered to Stephen Kusson of Farmington. An official also presented three candidates to work at the Regional Communications Center: Everett Spaulding of Wilton; Ashley Mcdowell of Rumford; and Alan Burke of Farmington. They’re expected to start on July 1.

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