Tornado Destroys Three Forks (MS) Fire Station

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About 108 homes in the Three Forks community are damaged thanks to last week’s storms. The Three Forks Volunteer Fire Department confirms about 48 of them are total losses. The tornado also flattened the fire station.

“It’s just a slab now,” said Chief Joey Jackson.

In the yellow lines, where fire trucks once parked, is now just mud and mess.

“This is their lifeline. We’re the ones that go out to help them when they need something, and then we come here and we don’t have anything,” Jackson said.

Jackson said his station had five equipment trucks of varying kinds.

All that’s left Monday is one that does not work, on loan from the Forestry Department. It is from Army surplus. The department has not sent it back yet.

Jackson said one of his trucks will be in the shop for three to six months just for body repair.

The station was not the only loss. Four of the 25 firefighters lost their homes Monday. Donations are pouring in, and many in the community are planning to rebuild. That includes the fire station. Chief Jackson said he is already getting estimates.

He is not sure insurance will cover all his costs.

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