Tool City Council (TX) Votes to Donate Fire Apparatus to Gun Barrel City

Two volunteer fire departments in Tool have been dueling for over 11 years. The dispute between the two departments started in 2003, when the citizens of Tool voted to establish Emergency Service District No. 4. According to reports, this was about the same time the Tool Volunteer Fire Department was established.

The conflict between the fire departments boiled over this past April when all but one firefighter resigned from the City of Tool Volunteer Fire Department.

The City of Tool VFD was receiving funding through the city budget.

At a recent city council meeting, the Tool City Council approved a motion to dissolve the City’s VFD because of lack of volunteer firefighters.

The city was able to get approval from the Texas Forestry Service that would allow the transfer of the City’s 2011 brush truck to Gun Barrel City Volunteer Fire Deparment.

Tool City Secretary Makenzie Blaser said, “The brush truck was received through a Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program (HB2604) in 2009, following the creation of the City’s Volunteer Fire Department. Per the grant requirement, the truck must be maintained in firefighting service by the original acquiring department for a period of 10 years.”

According to Blaser, the grant was made possible through the Texas A&M Forest Service.

The city council made a motion, and approved to transfer the truck to the City of Gun Barrel City upon the request of Gun Barrel City Fire Chief Joey Lindaman. Gun Barrel City has agreed to continue to provide mutual aid assistance so that the truck would still remain in service to the citizens of Tool.

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