Toledo Fire Hose Strikes Bicyclist and Cars

One person was hurt when a Toledo Fire truck lost a hose while driving on an emergency run. The 150 foot attack hose somehow became loose and struck three cars and a bicyclist.

Fire officials said Engine 9 was rushing to a house fire with its lights and sirens on when the hose became loose and trailed behind.

The hose wrapped under three cars southbound cars and it also yanked off a bicycle tire off its frame, throwing the man to the ground.

The bicyclist was a Toledo man in his 50’s. He was taken to the hospital with scrapes and a broken leg.

“It may have hit a bump down the road here and lost one of its attack lines came off the back,” said Battalion Chief Bryce Blair. “Unfortunately the hose appears to have hit a bicyclist, that wrapped the bike and brought the bicyclist to the ground.”

Drivers tell us they could not believe what had happened.

“The hose was hanging probably 20-25 feet behind it, wagging back and forth,” said Tim Stevenson, whose work van was struck. “First thing that came to my mind was ‘oh my God’ this is gonna hit me.”

Crews inside the rig didn’t realize what had happened until someone called 911. 

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