Three Oaks MI Eyes Fire Department Fees

The Three Oaks Township (MI) Board will vote whether to approve the Fire Charges Ordinance, which will charge residents for the fire department’s service.

These charges will include: victims of automobile, truck, aircraft ands brush fires; residents who call the department to have their wells or swimming pools filled, or who seek assistance cleaning up hazardous waste spills; homeowners who have more than two “false alarms” within any 60-day period; and anyone — resident or not — who is the beneficiary of an emergency rescue.

According to the proposed ordinance, costs will include $12.25 per hour for each firefighter; plus the cost of each apparatus used ($50 for the department’s Grass Rig, $75 for the Personnel Truck and $100 each for the Tanker or Engine); plus the cost of any “materials” used (to which a 35 percent surcharge is added); plus a $25 administration fee.

The ordinance notes the following as being exempt from the fees: single-incident “false alarms”; fires caused by trains, which are the responsibility of railroad companies; fires involving federal, state, county, township, village and other governmental real estate and/or property; and in the case of fire services performed outside the jurisdiction of the township under a mutual aid contract with an adjoining municipality.

If passed, fees must be paid within 30 days of billing.

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