Thousands of Dollars in Equipment Stolen from Cedar Creek (MO)

When Cedar Creek Fire Chief Dave May walked into the department Tuesday he says he knew something wasn’t right.

“When I seen the hoods down I knew something was wrong because we never close the hood on these trucks,” said May.

He said three car batteries were missing and snatched right out of the fire trucks.

Said May, “If we would’ve had a fire anytime Monday night or Tuesday we would not have been able to respond.”

The batteries weren’t the only thing that went missing. The fire chief says at least $10,000 worth of equipment is now gone. It’s something he says could slow them down in a house fire.

“Without that we’re gonna be facing the heat and the smoke and it’s gonna take us longer to get the fire out and use more water,'” said May.

“We’re a small department, we don’t get a lot of funds, and just to have anything taken hurts us, we’re just devastated,” said Terri Vacanti, Cedar Creek Board of Directors and Volunteer Firefighter.

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