Thermo Fisher Scientific Enhances FTIR ID Product

Embedded Mobile Phone Technology in TruDefender FTi Enables Direct Communication from the Hotzone to Incident Command, Improving Accuracy, Speed and Safety
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced it has added advanced communication capabilities to its line of handheld FTIR instruments with the introduction of Thermo Scientific TruDefender FTi.  

Building on the strength of the TruDefender® FT for identification of unknown solid and liquid chemicals by first responders, TruDefender FTi now enables direct communication from response teams in the hotzone. Using embedded mobile phone technology, first responders are able to send chemical identification results via e-mail or SMS text to their incident commander or to the Thermo Scientific reachback team immediately following a scan.

First responders rely on Thermo Scientific instruments for rapid, reliable field-based identification of unknown chemicals, including explosives, narcotics and precursors. In the chaos and confusion of an emergency, responders must deal with distractions such as radio interference, radio chatter, PPE alarms, political pressures, sirens and crowd noise—as well as challenging information such as complex chemical names. These distractions aren’t just inconvenient; they can place the responder and community at risk. The ability to send comprehensive results, including chemical name, CAS number and spectra, eliminates transcription errors and ensures that an incident commander has the required information to respond appropriately to a threat as quickly as possible.
“In our complex society, information and the speed at which it is delivered are essential.  Being able to transmit analysis results reliably from the hotzone is a huge advantage, especially when working with a limited air supply,” said Brian Wagner, master firefighter with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Fire Department. “Direct communication from the hotzone serves as a force multiplier, allowing one technician to analyze, interpret, and transmit data in near real-time.  It also allows us to make better informed decisions, whether to continue sampling and evidence collection or move on for further investigations.”
TruDefender FTi requires no additional hardware at incident command to receive messages, making implementation extremely easy and efficient. Contacts are managed either directly on the instrument, or via the Thermo Scientific customer support website.
With more than 5,000 handheld instruments deployed, Thermo Scientific chemical identification tools are designed to be rugged, accurate and easy to use.  The company’s field-proven solutions are in active use by military and civilian first responders around the world and are able to identify thousands of pure substances such as toxic industrial chemicals, narcotics, explosives, chemical intermediates, pharmaceuticals and more.  All Thermo Scientific handheld chemical identification instruments include the company’s proprietary automatic mixture analysis, identifying individual mixture components without spectral subtraction or subjective evaluation.
“Thermo Scientific instruments are revolutionizing the hazmat toolbox once again,” said Chris Petty, vice president and general manager of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s portable optical analysis business.  “We have long been dedicated to protecting first responders, and the TruDefender FTi is the latest example of that dedication. It quickly provides responders with the information needed to mitigate an incident safely.” 
To learn more about TruDefender FTi and the full suite of Thermo Scientific portable optical analyzers, please visit

The following short video explains the benefits of TruDefender FTi:

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