The Buffalo Zetros 6×6 Provides Valuable Fire and Disaster Protection

Leonding, September 6, 2011
– Airport organizations in crisis areas today represent special and difficult challenges. Rosenbauer’s Buffalo Zetros allows airport relief operations to function with efficiency and competence. Some emergency services are confronted by a substandard infrastructure and rough road conditions in trouble spots. 

Rosenbauer introduces the new Buffalo Zetros 6×6, which can be flown to an emergency directly in a Hercules C130 and support the work of the aid agencies on a sustained basis.
The Buffalo Zetros 6×6 can incorporate assorted client requests. The vehicle cab can be custom-made to match the size of the crew (1+3) and by moving the seats back, spacious legroom can be obtained.

The combination of pump and roll switching and ergonomics of the monitor controls (roof and front monitor), which provide simplification of the manifold extinguishing system operations, ensures efficient firefighting.

About The Rosenbauer Group
The Rosenbauer Group is a leading manufacturer of firefighting and disaster protection vehicles for airports and industry. Rosenbauer employes 2,050 employees and produces an extensive range of municipal fire fighting vehicles, aerials, a comprehensive selection of airport and industrial vehicles, the latest extinguishing systems, and special fire service equipment which agree with both European and US standards.

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